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National Titles Hosting - Expression of Interest


This is a call, particularly directed to members of the Taipan and Capricorn Association , for an Expressions of Interest, EOI, from their associated or preferred Sailing Clubs for the hosting of the National Titles.

Each year the Taipan and Capricorn Catamaran Club of Australia arranges National Titles at which, over a series of races, National Champions are determined in the Taipan 4.9 Cat and Sloop, 5.7 and Capricorn Classes. There may also be invited classes.

The preferred format for the racing is 10 races over one full week with a lay day.

The preferred start to the event is the first week in the New Year

A sample Notice of Race is here:- Notice of Race

The event is cycled through the three states, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The 2013 event will be in Victoria and the host club has been decided as GLYC, Paynesville, the 2014 event will be in New South Wales, and the 2015 event in Queensland and so on. Host clubs have not yet been selected for 2014 or 2015.

There is no special requirement that the event should not be held at the same State club on consecutive State visits for the sake of variation or in the belief that this will promote the class. The priority is a well run event that promotes strong and enjoyable competition.

The size of the fleet is typically 30 boats. Families often accompany sailors and so up to 100 people may be involved.


The Association is required to select a host club at least one year in advance of the event. An earlier selection is preferred. Association members often have a range of requirements and preferences that must be considered and balanced. A structured EOI is expected to assist the process but will not be the sole means of determining the host club.

Members are encouraged to contribute by submitting an EOI as laid out below. It is the responsibility of the respondent to contact the club/s involved and research the proposed event before completing all sections of the form accurately

All sections need to be completed so that the Association, at its AGM, has as complete a picture as possible. It is anticipated that the direct involvement of Association membership supporting the Committee in this sometimes difficult choice will expand the options available. It is hoped that when the choice is made, all those that have strong opinions will have had an excellent means of presenting real data that supports those views and that they will also support the Committe no matter what the eventual choice.

If members believe that this form is incomplete such that an important aspect is left out of the appraisal, please contact the Association by means of the links provided on the Association web page.